grab this tag from Glorie

1. on your last birthday?
= 2006 - May gave me a birthday party and went to mexican resto/bar dancing. 2007 - just stay home.

2 . Yesterday?
= home relax can't hardly walk kasi eh.

3 . Last weekend?
= home...suppose to go at kookie's house but didn't make it because of unexpected bwesita.

4. Last Christmas?
= as usual home with family

5. Last New year's eve?
= home again...boring kasi dito, not unless you go out at ma encounter mo naman 'yong mga lasing.

6. Last Valentine's day?
= can't remember. i'm sure home hubby cooked.

7 . What's the last thing you ate?
= prim rib

8. Thing you drank?
= water ... beer wink*

9.Last message u received??...
= from sisi 'why i didn't post all the paid post she wrote. hehehe)

10. Last place you went to?
= Thursday, at work. :-)


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