The growing concern for the environment has ceased to continue on a LOW profile ever since a Nobel Prize Winner has shown what was really going on. From then on the sky’s the limit! Let’s hope it will remain as blue as we all want to. Let’s hope that humanity will be able to react in time. Will come up with solutions for the drastic needs worldwide that more and more put the natural resources under pressure. What still could be in the minds of a lot of people is the reputation of a ‘Green Way of Life’. Of a ‘Green Way of Thinking’. That it’s rather Fuggy! It might have been the case in the seventies, but nowadays it has cast off the old coat. And almost becomes a high tech profile. A good introduction of this world of tomorrow is found on greenandmore.com for Environmental products are valuable and available to all of us. So, Get surprised what they offer: it ranges from the modern designed Opera Verde Furniture Collection made of single bent-ply sheet (certified FSC), to Playground Mulch of non-toxic recycled rubber (EPA approved material) and the slick designed Solio Solar Charger that will go nicely with your mobile and MP3-player! Last but not least: their tips for green building (insulation/restoration) and how to set up recycling (borrow/rent/share items) in your own neighborhood make your contribution to the environment a concrete and instant one!


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