Neuro Muscular Dentristry… a mouthful isn’t it? And that’s exactly what the New York for Neuro Muscular Dentristry aims for! They set aside the traditional dentistry’s point of view, and approach this part of our body with its complex system of muscles and joints in a new way. Where the classic dentist will go for a single tooth, they start to regard the whole area as an entirety.

The complaints, the headaches, the muscle and joint pains that don’t disappear with taking an aspirin or a hot shower? Very likely the classic dentist won’t take that away. The cause lies very often underneath the surface. And here comes in another major difference: unlike the traditional dentistry, Neuro Muscular Dentistry treats the causes without medications and surgery!

Their site gives a good first impression, like a bright smile with a nice set of healthy teeth. It’s clear, simple and inviting to get acquainted, to know more. In your own time you can read about headaches, the causes, the diagnosis and treatment,
TMJ NYC. A first impression about restoring your teeth: the anatomy of a tooth, or about inlays, bridges and implants. How to improve your smile: the whitening and laminates. How to care about your teeth: the brushes and flossing. All these points show their care for your teeth.


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