Friends, again really sorry for my late "thank you". I wanted to post this last week but just didn't have the time.

Kookie => I just want to let you know how bad i felt when i missed your son's birthday party especially i missed my cake ;) . Though i didn't taste it i know it's really good. you're so sweet.

Vickie => Bernie, Kim, Sascha, Thanks so much. i was really speechless when your loving Bernie create the birthday scrap for me. I just love it! 1st & 2nd. Thanks again...

Ghee => what can I say? the sweetest gurl i have known. I know you all agree with me. The first time i talked to her over the phone right away i feel like i have known her long time ago. we talked lots a stuff, share some nice thoughts. I miss talking to you Ghee. I am really thankful Ghee to have a friend like you. Before I forget I would like to thank to all who comment your post Ghee, I'm really flattered and happy to read them all. Thanks so much. oppps almost nakalimutan ko 'to ah...the eCard.

Krystyna => very sweet and wonderful woman. Thanks the birthday scrap you made for me, it's so wonderful.

Irel => really good friend to have. still can't remembered how we met. is anyone know? wink*

Ylan => Thank you for being a friend.

Lucille, Agring, Norm, AnaH, Tikey, pang GA, Nona, Pepe, Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. Love you all!


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