Having a relatively small business I’ve always been skeptical about incentive programs. Always have been convinced of the successful combination of a good salary and a bonus at the end of the year. But gradually I found myself more and more thinking of a better way to show my appreciation. Because this handful of skilled employees I depend on every day deserved something out of the ordinary.

A raise of salary? Mmm. Something told me to think again. Money gives an instant but short satisfaction. Gifts are very personal. More appreciated. But dangerous. Even among close friends the wrong gift can be painful. What’s next that people value most? Something that’s almost impossible to over value: leisure time! A day off, to go fishing. A long weekend with the family. A holiday. That cruise with the wife. A sabbatical leave. Good thinking. People do usually return from holidays in a very good shape. Revived and ready for action again. But could I afford all this? Manage the costs?

I googled a bit, and found myself at htoa. To my amazement they offered a whole range of very different holidays. To anyone’s budget. Even those few lines on the site were inviting, gave me some ideas. It was even possible to chat with a Sales Manager! And that’s what I’m going to do!


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