Seattle Grace High School: McDreamy went on a date with Sydney, just because. At the hospital, McDreamy had to operate on a kid who got a pencil stuck in his eye when a school bus crashed and turned the hospital into a high school. Everyone’s personalities and relationships were examined through the lens of high school, which was a real stretch. Cliques were exposed and insecurities uncovered. McDreamy was confronted by a nurse, Rose, who he had never noticed in 36 surgeries together. Could Rose become a thorn in Meredith’s side?

Rumor has it: George was avoiding Izzie because their sex was bad. They couldn’t have lunch — let alone a conversation — without some serious awkwardness. Word got around the hospital that there was trouble in Gizzie-dise, and Izzie overheard a couple of the new interns talking about how their relationship is over. George and Izzie talked about how they miss their best friends, and then told each other about their relationship troubles as if they didn’t know who they were talking about. They weren’t alone.
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Charmed by a snake? Meredith’s regular slate of problems got bigger when her dad showed up drunk after putting his hand through a window and demanded to see Meredith. He apologized for saying terrible things to her when his wife, Susan, died. Thatcher told Meredith that he’s proud of her — “a lifetime’s worth of proud.” It wasn’t the first time he’d said those words.

Daddy’s little girl, too: After Meredith spent what she thought was some quality time with her dad, she told Lexie that she ought to keep a better eye on him. Lexie then launched into a tirade about how he’s a drunk and that he changes his story every day, telling her how great she is one day and how terrible she is the next. Just a couple of days earlier, she said, he told her he’s proud of Lexie, too — “a lifetime’s worth of proud.” Ouch.

Do as I say... Bailey vowed to shake things up as chief resident, but when she recognized one of the patients from the bus crash as an old high school friend she used to tutor, she fell into the trap. Bailey — Bailey!!! — got all flirty and lost focus on what she was supposed to be doing. He used her to do some patient’s paperwork he was supposed to do himself, just like he did back in high school. It prompted a Bailey speech about how guys like him and McDreamy (who was forced to sit through the speech) don’t notice girls like her. It was sad.

Teacher’s pet: Cristina begged Bailey to get her back on the cardio team with Dr. Hahn. Cristina promised she’d be the best resident Hahn’s ever seen, and proceeded to suck up to her the rest of the day — until she stopped. Cristina opted to sit out on a surgery with Hahn just to prove she wasn’t brown-nosing. Later, when Hahn needed something done right, she asked Cristina to do the job.

Father figure? A cheerleader on the crashed bus demanded to get her face fixed while getting her broken coccyx fixed. Sloan's image of himself was shattered when one of the cheerleader’s friends told him he looks like her father. He doesn’t love it when they call him Big Poppa.


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