I am caught again the routine of busyness to miss my blog here! i am actually a bit upset for something and someone because of my expectation wasn't meet. Well, who wouldn't be when given the promise later on realized that it couldn't be? What do you think should i feel? But then again, i forgot that connotation of this "expect the unexpect and promise are always made to be broken". I felt terribly upset and am thinking of forgiving him/her? anyhow, it's only my heart knows!:P

waahhhh...drama kaayo ko diri dah! dah pahungaw ug para naa ko diri ma sulat sad seguro..hehe bitaw na upset man jud ko karon..secreto nalang oi para bibo! hehehe

Bitaw guys, apology here if i seldom visit you however much i wanted to be present on here but most of the time i fail for other things made it busy!:( I don't want to promise but will do my best soon to hugh tightly you there!:) I am grateful those people who often visit here and didn't get the hint of forgetting me, i myself too guys..all of you here is special to my heart! it will never be forgotten!:) Dram na sad oi...:P

Segi ciao muna...:)


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