I am a computer addicts. Love exploring the magic of internet like web publishing, graphics and the like of figuring out the codes. I don’t consider myself a coder, but in some cases I really have to be exposed in juggling codes for my website. And here is good news for all those like me who sometimes messed up their websites or projects because of bad coding.

Sometimes we need to put some html codes, php script, etc in our website but we are not that good in those geeky text and we ended up into much more trouble if we can’t bring it back to a non-error stage. I usually save my useful codes as text file and save it on my hard drive and occasionally a back-up also on my flash drive. But sometimes it took much of my time finding it, and one time I even accidentally deleted it.

At this moment there’s a much nicer way in organizing all your favorite codes. It’s a good thing that I have found CodeClippers ! A place to upload your code clippings you found on the internet and not only that. You can also share it to everyone and even find codes (even rare ones) that others have uploaded and share.
Never want to lose that code again? I strongly suggest you drop by and sign-up at www.codeclippers.com. With your own personal basis trunk locker you’ll never missed your codes again.


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