Thank you Ylan for passing me the Blog of the Month award. I really appreciate my blog being recognized. I enjoy make my blog better for my extent. Anyways, once again, thank you lots. *hugs and kisses*

And i will pass this "Your Blog of the Month Award" to kookie, joy, angel, losel, axel, Norm, Agring, and Ghee.


jerlalou said... @ November 10, 2007 at 2:28 PM

hi tnx for visiting my blog.... nice, cute & simple imong blog hehehehe bago lng ko ng start aning blog uy mg 1 month plang.... didto kc ko nga blog sakong friendster pero kay naa may ng suggest gud nga mka earn tru blogging to gi try nko hehehehhe ayo pka dako na imo ranking unya with blog award na heheheh ako kha when pod? heheheheh anyways tnx! i will add u nlng in my list

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