to be honest i love doing paid post cause it helps a lot but looking or thinking for interim wahhhhh not my cup of tea hehehe ... i think from now on i'll be posting a survey about myself for my interim, i think it's good so you guys can get to know me better...wink***

ok---here we go:

1.Where have you been an hour ago?
*** eating my dinner (late late dinner)

2. State your name?
*** carlota

3. Do you like your name?
*** yes of course...what do you think?

4. Can you remember what you did on the first day of your school?
*** ammm can't remember really.

5. What do you want to be in ten years?
*** sit in front of our cottage house [Camotes, Philippines]

6. What do u feel upon receiving emails?
*** it depends, if its junk right to the trash.

7. At what age you first learned to use a pc?
*** i think 1st yr college, taking computer science?

8. Have you ever eaten any exotic food?
*** yes

9 . What was the last illness that you had?
*** sore throat over the weekend.

10. Do you like listening to rap music?
*** if it's heavy not really.

more later...


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