An indecent proposal? In case you missed it, McDreamy’s long-winded speech at the end of the night sounded a little like a marriage proposal, didn’t it? After previously having invited Meredith on a weekend trip — 48 hours of uninterrupted sex — he took back the offer. He told her he didn’t want 48 uninterrupted hours. “I want to marry you,” he said. He told her he wants to have kids with her, settle down and grow old with her. “I want a lifetime,” he said, as she braced herself and fought what he called “the urge to run the opposite direction.” He told Meredith he knows she’s not ready, but he’ll wait. But then he added, “But what if while I’m waiting, I meet somebody who is ready to give me what I want from you?” When she asked, what if he does, he said, “I don’t know.”

Is it easier to forgive? Callie didn’t say anything to George all night after he told her he slept with Izzie, then she forgave him. Later, when treating a patient whose husband was pressuring her to lose weight to the point of starving herself, Callie lost it. The woman died because her body was too frail to handle an otherwise simple ankle injury, and she lambasted the husband for it, virtually challenging him to a fight for allowing his wife to hurt herself for his benefit. Gee, bring home issues to work much?

The middle man: After running through the hospital like a madman trying to find Izzie, George told her that he didn’t expect Callie to forgive him the way she did. He said he expected rage and bloodshed. Apparently, the rage and bloodshed are still in the cards as Callie admitted at the end of the night that she really hasn’t forgiven him and left him standing alone in the rain. It might be good that he works in a hospital.

Technical knock out: Izzie thought Callie had challenged her to a fight in the cafeteria, which led to yet another humiliation for Callie at Izzie’s hand. Izzie asked Callie’s forgiveness, but Callie was having no part of it, calling her a “traitorous (word-that-rhymes-with-itch).” Izzie felt sorry for herself, but found little consolation anywhere and was left crying alone in her room — down, for the count.

Yesterday’s news: Izzie confided in Alex about her and George sleeping together, but his shoulder was ice cold. Alex reminded Izzie (and probably some fans) that Izzie told him she wasn’t ready to be with anyone after Denny, and then she went and slept with George. “And then you tell me like I’m one of your chick friends,” he scoffed. In the end, he brought her a tissue while she sobbed and told her to “keep it down,” which is about as much sympathy as he can muster.

Sorry, wrong number: Meredith got in a little hot water when Herman, “the old intern,” mixed up some charts and led them to tell a woman she was dying. She’d come to hospital to get some moles removed. The woman quit her job, dumped her boyfriend, and gave up her apartment because of their mistake. Seattle Grace’s lawyers convinced her not to sue, though, and bought her a house in Iceland. It’s a long story, and not really worth retelling here.

The other Grey: Meredith decided that she hates the idea of Lexie, but that she can’t hate Lexie herself. Cristina’s another story. She did her best impression of “the Nazi” by berating Lexie every chance she got, and continuing to call her “3.” After McDreamy appeared to take Lexie’s side in a few confrontations, Cristina got the message, eased up on Lexie, and actually helped her through a complicated procedure during a surgery. Ahh, Grey and Yang ... just like old times.

Say “uncle”: The chief faced the ultimate decision of family over profession when his 18-year-old niece, who’d already had ovarian cancer and tons of operations, came in with a tumor in her throat that left her unable to breathe. Her cancer was back and had spread to her chest, lungs and throat, and she didn’t want to fight it anymore. As her uncle, the chief begged her — at his estranged wife’s urging — to try experimental drugs, but as her doctor, he had to let her make her own decision. It may have cost him his marriage.


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