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Who can’t handle the truth? George started off as the rock star intern, but the hard truth was waiting around the corner — about his second “repeat” status and about his marriage. He convinced a woman who was having surgery on her tongue to tell her friends what she was thinking. She proceeded to insult them all. George saw what damage that did, and told Izzie that he’d tell Callie about their affair when he was ready. As George was leaving the hospital, Alex blurted out George’s big secret about repeating his internship. Perhaps fueled by Alex’s truthiness, George went home and confessed to Callie.

‘Just say it’: Callie saw George's confession coming and was down all night, knowing that it would come out eventually. She let Bailey walk all over her, saying she just didn’t want to fight. And when George came home that night, he told her the words she knew were coming, “I slept with Izzie.” With no reaction, she just stared at him.

A dead end? A comatose patient named Charlie Yost woke up and told Izzie that he was “going to die today.” He went on to tell her he was only semi-comatose and had heard all their conversations. He told her she was fooling herself if she thought George would ever really leave his wife. She grew more and more annoyed, but after George told her to “back off” and let him handle things with Callie, she went back to Charlie for advice only to find him dead. She gathered the rest of the group around and said Charlie was stubborn but he knew what he wanted and proved that if you want something bad enough it’ll happen, and that gives her hope. Then she shot George a knowing look.

Sister act: Meredith tried to open up to her half-sister, Lexie, letting her intubate a man who’d been dead for several minutes before arriving at the hospital. Lexie did a good job, but the man died anyway and that led to a blowout with Lexie asking Meredith, “What kind of a doctor are you?” Meredith sent Lexie down to the clinic to get rid of her, but Bailey didn’t want the clinic to become a dumping ground. Lexie pleaded with Bailey, saying Meredith hates her and hated her mother, and that she can’t work with her. Bailey relented and let Lexie stay, but it wasn’t over.

Sister act 2: Bailey told Meredith what Lexie said and hinted that Lexie thinks there’s more to her mother’s sudden death from hiccups than people might want to admit. Meredith later pulled Lexie aside and went over her mother’s death note, telling her all the details of what happened on the day she died and that there was a 1 percent of each of those things happening. She then told Lexie, “I was very fond of your mother.” It was dad she had a problem with.

Fake heartache? Cristina moped and played the sad card, saying that only good, bloody surgeries would make her feel better about Burke. Meredith agreed to trade some procedures with her to lift Cristina’s spirits and later figured out that it was all a rouse. Cristina said she’s dealing with it in her own way, saying, “I’m not Izzie. I’m not going to lie on the bathroom floor all day.” You go, girl.

Seniority rules: Alex was given a new intern, Dr. Norman Shales from UCLA. No specific age was given, but Norman is played by Edward Herrmann (“Gilmore Girls”), who is 64. Alex couldn’t bring himself to talk down to the new old intern, and that nearly cost a teenage boy his life when Norman believed the kid was on drugs, but he actually had a serious problem with fluid putting pressure on his brain. When the kid lost consciousness, Alex stuck a syringe into the boy’s brain, under his eyelid, to remove some of the fluid. It worked out in the end, but ol’ Dr. Shales wasn’t off the hook.

The best No. 2: When Bailey saw Alex taking it easy on Norman, she told him there’s a reason the more experienced doctors are hard on the interns. “We are not hard on them because it’s fun. We are hard on them because it’s a life and death job,” she told Alex. She then went to Callie and admitted that she was having trouble with the whole pecking order thing because she used to be No. 1. She told Callie that she’d be the best No. 2 she could imagine, and that they’ll make a great team.

The cowboy way: McSteamy and the chief decided to try an experimental surgery that they’d never done before on the woman with the tumor on her tongue. They wanted to prove that old dogs could learn new tricks, but the surgery nearly went wrong. McDreamy rode up like a night in shining armor and bailed them out, later telling them they had no business doing that surgery and that they only did it because they wanted to be cowboys. Giddy up!


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