For the 1st time ever i drove to work without music...so quiet and the traffic not bad at all. While driving i picture myself sitting outside the porch of my bahay kubo sipping my latte watching the kids swimming but all of the sudden the picture disappear :- ) because someone pulled in front of me and i had to slammed the brake to avoid hitting him. what an idiot! grrrr ... I really hate when someone pull in front of you and slow down...don't you feel like want to run over that person? :-) ...

Yay- I start typing this 8:24 AM but I stopped got my coffee and forgot all about it :-) .

Anyway, looking your best nowadays to some people have been their number 1 priority, why won't they right? well- I would too. If you want to look your best and if you live in Florida check out Melbourne plastic surgeon, Dr. Clevens, a board certified facial plastic surgeon in Florida. Please click Melbourne plastic surgeon for more details.
Happy Halloween everyone!


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