We have to learned it form Charlie...:-)

Some of you at the Friars may remember a guy named Charlie Schlossel who was a very successful manufacturer who seemed to disappear from our midst.

Last night I was about to enter my limousine when I saw this homeless person going through a garbage can and I realized it was Charlie Schlossel. It was a sobering moment. I said,
- "Charlie, what happened?"

- "Well, I went through fifteen million like this," he said, snapping his fingers. "You know, after I sold my business I always wanted a jet airplane, so I bought one. I’m coming out of Manila Airport, we had to abort the takeoff, the wing hits the tarmac, bursts into flame, thank God we were all safe. Five million dollars, no insurance, out the window."

- "How bad for you" I said to him "but you still had 10 million dollars right?"

He said, "I was sitting in the south of France, I saw this yacht and I hear somebody’s saying that the guy’s going belly up. I give him five million for the yacht. We’re coming out of the fjords in Norway, hit an iceberg, sunk, thank God we got out."

- "My Goodness" I said "but what about the rest of ypur money Charlie?"

He said, "I saw this little girl in the Greek sslands ... beautifull breasts, ass firm, tight, maybe twenty, twenty-three years old. I married her. Two years later she took me for five million in the settlement."

The lesson, I guess, that we can all learn from CHarlie is - that if it flies, floats, or personal need - rent it!


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