Do you guys watch Grey's Anatomy? Thursday was the 1st episode, it wasn't bad at all, i like really like it...Seriously is out FINE is in! :- ) ... Anyway, i'll be posting the weekly update here...start right now...wink*

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Where’s Burke: Fans finally saw how the show would handle Burke’s departure in light of Isaiah Washington’s exit. McDreamy was in charge of telling Cristina about “the Burke thing,” because she didn’t know about “the Burke thing.” (Doesn’t she watch “Access Hollywood”?) He told her Burke resigned two weeks earlier, while she was on her “honeymoon” in Hawaii with Meredith. Typical Cristina wanted to convince herself she was OK, but she wasn’t and finally admitted to Alex that she misses Burke. Gee, ya think?

‘I’m the girl from the bar’: Lexie Grey was full of wide-eyed anticipation for her first day as an intern at Seattle Grace and about meeting her half-sister, Meredith. A car accident brought in multiple patients with serious trauma, and that was the moment Lexie chose for the big introduction. Apparently utter selfishness runs in the family. But the deliciously awkward moment came when Meredith, McDreamy and Lexie all met up at the same time. Lexie reminded McDreamy, “I’m the girl from the bar,” which Meredith corrected by looking at McDreamy and saying, “I’m the girl from the bar.” Lexie worried that Meredith hates her. She might be right.

Breaking up is hard to do: After not seeing or speaking to each other for the 17 days since Cristina’s botched wedding, Meredith and McDreamy finally came face to face ... and they broke up. But no face-to-face meeting is complete on “Grey’s” without some janitor’s-closet sex, so they hooked up in there. As Meredith said in her too-wise-for-her-years narration, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

A friend in need: When he wasn’t busy trying to find someone to have a drink with him, or re-attaching a guy’s skull to his spine, McDreamy was vehemently defending Meredith in a speech that might have been directed as much toward the audience as it was to McSteamy, who flippantly said Meredith is “damaged.” “She panics,” McDreamy said. “She wants this, (but) she doesn’t know how to have it, and you know what? That’s not her fault. So don’t you ever talk to me about Meredith Grey again, because you do not know what you’re talking about.” Take that, Meredith-haters!

Play it again, George: Embarrassed and humiliated, George kicked off another year as an intern while all his friends moved to on their residencies. He was mopey and distracted, and didn’t want to play along when Callie hinted she might be pregnant. But when he performed an emergency delivery while the mother was in surgery getting her arm re-attached, he became kind of a rock star to the rest of the interns. Lexie told George not to feel sorry for himself. He listened, and then he showed up at Izzie’s door late at night. There more things change...

Oh, deer: Izzie couldn’t get her interns to take her seriously, and she overheard when one whispered to another about how Izzie “killed a guy and had to go on probation.” She tried, and failed, to find something for her interns to do. When a crying boy came in asking if anyone could “save her,” Izzie thought there was another crash victim. There was. It was the deer that was hit and caused the accident. She saved the deer, much to the chagrin of her bored interns, and told them to adjust their expectations because she’s “the kind of doctor who lets a little kid convince her she can do the impossible.” You go, girl.

Over her head? Callie realized that gaining underlings’ respect isn’t as easy as Bailey made it look. The residents wouldn’t come when she paged them and Alex purposely bypassed Callie and had Bailey help him operate on a patient.

‘Not my problem’: Bailey told the chief she was not upset or disappointed that she didn’t get the chief resident position. She was speechless. She spent most of the night reminding Callie that she knew how to handle the other doctors, telling her, “When I page them, they come running,” and calling Callie “boss.” The chief told Bailey that she belongs in the operating room, not worrying about shuffling doctors’ schedules around. He told her she’s a good surgeon and one day she’ll thank him for it.

Power play: Alex took great pleasure in bossing his interns around, and recalling and repeating to them the speech that Bailey delivered to his group of interns on their first day. But it was all a big distraction as he confessed to Cristina that he misses Rebecca, his “Jane Doe,” from last season. Wonder is she remembers him?

In need of a friend: McSteamy offered to get a drink with McDreamy and poured his heart out to his old pal, saying, “I’m the one that could use a friend.” He told Derek, “I came to Seattle for you ... I came to Seattle to get you back.” After rethinking it, he wanted to take it back, but he couldn’t. And he couldn’t get his friend back just yet, either.


Midas said... @ October 1, 2007 at 5:12 PM

Izzie needs another life...it's like she inherited Mer's in love with a married guy thing...puleeze!

Carlota said... @ October 1, 2007 at 10:26 PM

Yeah i know ... what's going to happen George will divorce Callie? cat fight!

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