People with flat feet may be more prone to having an exercise-related injury such as stress fracture than those with moderately arched feet.

Researchers at the Naval Health Research Center in San Diego, Calif., and the Naval Hospital at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina studied 449 Navy SEALS and found that those with low arches were more likely to develop stress fractures, which are small cracks in bones.

And those with tight calf muscles were also more likely to develop Achilles tendonitis, an inflammation of the tendon of the foot that connects the calf muscles to the heel of the foot.

Experts suggest that regular flexibility training is effective for reducing the incidence of these injuries.


dodongflores said... @ September 11, 2007 at 3:54 AM

Hi, Carlota!
You know what, my father said I was flat feet when I was very young. So I would oftentimes heard him commenthing like, "Butol man ning bataana kay flat man ug tiil."
When I was in my later elementary days, I can ran very fast and my father found out that my feet is already arched.
That means flat feet can change in time. Or maybe it is just me. Pero whether there is truth in it or not, it is a common notion that people with flat feet are more of disadvantage as compared to people with arched feet. Maybe the explanation here in your research says it all :)

Carlota said... @ September 11, 2007 at 5:09 AM

Hello DodongFlores, bisaya diay ka. Glad to know.

Lucky you...i'll see with my daughter she surely have a flat feet. mine not bad but hers i called it duck feet. lol.

Thank again ha.

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