Nothing exciting I'm just surprised for past 3 nights haven't been staying up late online. Been tired and exhausted. Work is okay not so busy "pero bored na bored ako kasi walang akong ginagawa siguro 2 weeks. tagalog 'to kasi pumupunta dito ang ka trabaho ko at boss ko. hehehe. ang ginawa ko checking peoples graphics at nag logged ng mga finished graphics boring talaga!"

It's Friday, I'm supposed to be at Las Vegas right now if orbitz didn't screwed me up! It was a missed they charge my credit card 2x. Called them if they can fix but they said i wont be refunded in 5 - 10 business days. What the heck! the next day my hubby called them and say something if we wont get our money back after i hang up the phone **** ... Well- to make the story short got all the money back but i'm still pissed off!

Happy Friday everyone and enjoy!


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