I have been tagged by Junelle and Claire … I know this way over due and I’m really sorry for not being prompt about it.

Here we go guy’s opppssss I need to put this rules, I think most bloggers I know have been tag already so I won’t tag anyone but if you want do it please go ahead you are welcome to take it.

1=> I’m a fast learner person. I remember when I had my interview for job because I know nothing about car parts I had to show all my drawings pretend that I know what I’m talking the interviewer (my ex-boss) looked at me, I said right away well I’m a fast learner I know I can do the job. Next day got call and got the job!

2=> I have no patience when Julie (my daughter) was little. At 3 years old I taught her how to write her name 1st try she got it 2nd & 3rd times she missed 2 letters, I’m not proud of this all the papers was flying and she picked all up crying and said ok I will get it this time. How stupid am I what you expect with 3 years old perfect writing?

3=> I can cook but not anymore. Back 2001 I came home from work very tired but I managed to prepare a nice dinner. After my hard work no one eats, I was so mad and since then I never cooked. I only cook when I want to. I don’t do grocery either.

4=> I sleeps with 4 pillows. (2 in the middle for war nights…hehehe…)

5=> If we go out it will take me forever to get ready … I think it’s normal for a woman right?

6=> When Julie was elementary I don’t accept A- grade. When she get all A’s we always give her something nice then one semester she had A- I didn’t gave her anything & even mad of her. Hubby was mad at me too and took her to the store.

7=> Bought tv radio just to catch up with all my soaps. Hahaha. How sad.

8=> I drive fast … I only drive fast when I’m alone though if Julie with me I drive only speed limit. Wink*. One time hubby & I left at the same time for work he was behind me, I know already he will say something the way I drive … When I get to work as soon I sat down phone yep sure enough, it was him and scolded me how I drive. Hehehe.


che said... @ August 25, 2007 at 10:29 AM

Hi Carlotz,
Thanks for the visit in my 360...U had a new place here...yah...it really takes a lot of patience when it comes to children....tc and happy weekend

Casey's Mom said... @ August 25, 2007 at 7:12 PM

That's funny. Dili diay ka pwede mag tacher madam. Kuyaw ug ang bata molupad ug dli ang paper ug pencil LOL!

genny said... @ August 25, 2007 at 11:13 PM

heheh funny ka Choco pero ana gyd nang bata ako gani anak bisan 17 moths pa na mabunalan gud gamay.. heheh

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