Been 3 days haven't update here, just busy and tired all time. Pass couple days when I get home from work I ate my dinner and straight to bed. Tom & Julie kinda surprise about it cause i normally spend time online 'til mid-night. (I guess may effect 'yong kinuha-an ako ng 'puter for 2 nights hehehe) . Sa work ko naman busy rin at naka-ka worn out. Yesterday nga I can't believe na 12 sheets na graphics ang natapos ko todo talaga ang trabaho ko in some reason. Meron pang about 40 sheets to go. :-(

Anyway, I post this in my other blog last June '06 thought of re-posting here. (wala kasi akong ma share eh). As a MK b-consultant I always share this to my costumers, they found it very interesting about what kind of person they are. Hope you guys too ... wink***

Admiration, inspiration, and the secret shape of your Lipstick.

Ahh ...there's nothing quite as inspiring as a tube of lipstick. Since the time we were little. lipstick has always fascinated, captivated and amused us. Whether we were playing dress-up, wearing it on the sly or making an entrance in our fave color, that little of temping color has always played an important role in our lives.

So what does it all mean? Just turn to the tubes. Research shows that the actual curve of your Rich Red, the flatness of your Mocha Freeze or the slant of your Black Raspberry says a lot about what kind of person you are. We all know that color is indicative of our personality or mood, but what about the shape? It could be more telling that you've ever imagined. So grab of tubes and start comparing. You'll be surprised what your lipstick reveals.

Smooth Mover - You're the epitone of calm, swirling and twirling your tube as you use it. Your easy-going nature, your penchant for peace and lovable personality make you a wonderful friend and an incomparable lifetime companion. Sure, you have surprises, but you save those for the people closest to you. They also get to enjoy your generous heart, your sweet smile and your calming effect. Lucky them.

Slanted View - Your're one for order and perfection. That's why your lipstick looks almost as good as a new tube. Its sharp edge expresses a true need for organization. And that's a good thing! Along with your honesty, your focus and your schedules, you're bound to be something great. People turn to you for advise -- and you turn to simplicity for your happiness. Life without a mess is kind of nice, no?

Curves Ahead - Without a challenge, you're bored! You press on your lipstick hard -- a sign of your intense drive and passion for life. And your opinions might get you into trouble if you weren't such a people person. In fact, the bigger the party, the better! You thrive on personal contact and activity. It's what makes you happy and what makes you the fabulous person that you are. You avoid schedules, but you need them to stay on track ... and out of stress. Let work go sometimes and enjoy yourself!

Lookin' Sharp - Girl, there's never a dull moment with you! By swirling the tip around as you use it, you creat the perfect point -- kind of like the center of attention. You love adventure, you're outgoing, and your're pretty choosy about the company you keep. Maybe that's why you're more of an independent that most of your friends, but that's okay! You like to choose what you're going to do and when you're going to do it. You may be opinionated, but you're also impulsive. And that's pretty hard to resist.

On The Level - There won't be any funny business from you. You tell it just like your flat-topped lipstick. And even though you're often shy, we know still waters run deep. And you thrive in challenging situations. But watch out! Your conservative tendencies may mean you have a high need for approval. Forget about everyone else, and remember that you're a romantic and a dreamer underneath. As far as friends go, you're true-blue. And there's no bigger compliment.


mousey said... @ July 18, 2007 at 7:10 AM

me pers?!

mousey said... @ July 18, 2007 at 7:12 AM

tinignan ko pa lipstick ko lol!

got the smooth mover bihira ko kasi gamitin hahah...

Lanie G said... @ July 18, 2007 at 8:37 AM

Hi Tata, I'm smooth mover because really my lipstick that I've been using for a long time the shape is like smooth mover.. the meaning is true almost everything written here..that how I Am.....

Nadawat nimo akong email I dont when I guess 4 days ago I sent to you in charter email address.. did you got it..tc

Lolli said... @ July 18, 2007 at 2:13 PM

Halo sistah, katawa man sad ta uy, nasurpresa diay si Julie ug sir Tom nga sayo ka natulog hahahha boing jud ka sistah uy. lol

Ilhan kaayo ang signatures sa lipstick! nabasa ko na bitaw ni sauna nimong share :)
kusog kaayo ko mo mix ug lipstick akong peborit nga e mix kay ang coppermine ug downtown brown hehe soo pretty!

Diay kanus-a man ko mo bayad nimo uy! excited na raba akong gwite dire hahhaha

carlotta said... @ July 19, 2007 at 5:34 PM

bago pa lang ang lipstick ko (liquid kasi ang palagi kong ginagamit) kaya slanted view pa sya. siguro mag-iiba ng itsura yun pag madalas ko nang gamitin hehe.

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