She's not home, went to Cedar Point amusement park in Ohio with friends of course with her friends parents. We are close with them that's why we let Julie go. Two years ago we did went and that was it for me. One day her friend mom's asked me if Julie can come with them to amusement park, I said yes right away cause I know Julie will be happy about it. Sure enough she told me she loved me for it :-) silly kid. She'll be home Saturday and I just can't wait (yeah right!). She text me before they left and I did gave her a hard time, made her feel guilty and all hehehe. I was just kidding cause i missed her. :-(

Anyway, any of you interested having a plastic surgery? If you do, San Jose plastic surgery where you can find the BEST doctor in the world. Visit the site for more info.

My apologize for now visiting you guys yet, just a little busy lately. I promise as soon I have the time I will show on your doorstep. Make sure merong snacks ha? hehehe. Love you all. Have a wonderful day.


Raquel said... @ July 4, 2007 at 8:28 AM

Wow, great mommy ka jud Carlota. Uban ginikanan, di jud ipalakaw og layo ang anak kay basin kuno mag kiat kita. Ingon pa nila kung dili dlian kuno kay mo gara man daw, mas maayo i set free nalang sila with our guidance din.

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